The Project

Rethink, design and project

The MONUMENT© project aims to rethink, design, project and finally place specific monumental icons in public spaces, maybe squares or parks.
A MONUMENT© is built using a high technology called digital manufacturing, which could create free form into space.
The structure is made by steel, the cover made by granite or wood or other materials, in order to create to stimulate the insertion to the city context. The cultural value is given by the reasoning among the context in which the MONUMENT © intervenes.
A historic symbol, generally meant as a cultural trait of the society that host it, allows people to be awared about where they live and what they do.

The social value

Due to this, everything belonging to the cultural and the emotional sphere would be used as MONUMENT© form to be represented concretely.
The social value is given by the use of the icon, on which handholds might be attached in order to practice sport climbing and obstacles might be realized as part of the lower structure to provide perfect atmosphere for parkour tracers.
The link between these two discipline might open an interesting perspective for the future of urban sports, which are actually raising in importance for the citylife.

The Monumental Icons



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